• Jamie DesJarlaisSpeech Language Pathologist
  • Nicole DopheideSpeech Language Pathologist
  • Elizabeth GrauerSpeech Language Pathologist
  • Stephanie KyleSpeech Language Pathologist
  • Stacey MarcouxSpeech Language Pathologist
  • Anna-Maria WilgoshSpeech Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) are essential members of education teams, supporting the more than 10% of children with speech, language and communication challenges. S-LPs promote an inclusive learning environment that is beneficial for all students. Speech-language pathology services support academic success, as well as the social and emotional well-being of students.

The contributions of S-LPs differ from and complement the roles of other educational professionals. S-LPs have distinct expertise in developing oral and written language, supporting successful learning and helping students make social connections in and out of the classroom.